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About Author Heather C. Morrow

Heather C. Morrow began her writing career early. She was given a small manual typewriter when she was seven. She loved typing up scripts for her friends to act out, newsletters to share with her community and create fictional characters that always lived happily ever after.

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in the early 90s, Heather moved to Los Angeles to pursue a screenwriting career. She wrote several seasons for “Surprise Gardner” (HGTV) and “Next Door with Katie Brown” (Lifetime).

If you’ve read this book, you might realize that the circumstance of her personal life took her away from writing and pursuing her dreams.

During this time, she explored her creative soul through oil painting and ceramics. As an accomplished artist, she has taken a break from “throwing her life away” to refocus on her writing.

She has come to realize that her many life lessons in rewriting her own stories can help others who need to make changes in their personal or business lives.